Welcome to the Freelance Writers’ Club

Where Industry Experts meet writers who want to tap into their knowledge.

Industry Expert meets Interviewer

The Freelance Writers Club is a diverse group of freelance writers, journalists, reporters and authors.  This website serves as a way for us to reach out to experts in various fields and industries so that we can tap into their advanced knowledge and expertise about a wide range of topics.

It is a trade off of sorts.

We give industry experts a chance to promote themselves, their companies and their brands in exchange for them sharing their knowledge with us so that we can increase the quality of our content.

An article is always better when you can get the input, advice, opinion and commentary from people who are at the leading edge of their field.   It helps to know what the experts think.  That is what everyone really wants to know.   That is what we do here.  That is why this club exists.

We connect experts with writers who can put that expert knowledge to best use.   We writers benefit by producing higher quality material than other writers in our industry.  The business owners, consultants and other industry experts benefit from the publicity that gets generated when we publish a piece referencing them as the expert.

It is a win/win for both parties.  Are you an expert in your field?  Get connected today!