How To Build A Money Making Blog

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Take a few minutes or your time and learn how to build a money making blog.  If you are going to be working for yourself, then it makes sense for you to also work on building up equity in something that you own.  Blogs are a perfect fit for freelance writers.

Owning one or more blogs of your own will give you a chance to work on something productive in between client gigs.   And, if you hit the right niche and do a good job of building out your blog, then you also stand a real chance of one day working entirely for yourself rather than taking on any new clients.  So why not give it a shot.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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7 Rules For Building A Money Making Blog

1)      Your blog must provide a benefit for a specific audience.

2)      Do your best to make it look modern & professional.

3)      The content must be high quality.

4)      The amount of money it makes is determined by how big the audience is, how desperate or motivated the audience is and how well the monetization method matches & presents its offers to the audience.

5)      Always use a professional domain name that you own instead of a free Web 2.0 blog.

6)      Use a good hosting company.

7)      Promote the blog by reaching out to communities where the audience already exists and letting those people know about your blog.

Other Things To Think About:

  • If you don’t want the blog to be a full time project then build a blog that uses evergreen content instead of one where you have to post to it on a regular frequency.

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Your Blog Has To Provide A Benefit For A Certain Type Of Person

Who benefits by visiting your blog?Traffic is the life blood of a money making blog.  Without any traffic the blog will not make any money.  That is common sense.  Right?

And the key to getting traffic is to give people a reason why they should come there.   If you look at a lot of first time bloggers, they will write a bunch of blog posts about their lives and whatever is happening in it.  After a few months pass, they sit around scratching their heads wondering why nobody is visiting their website.   The reason is because they are not giving people a good reason to want to come there.

Face it, most people’s lives aren’t interesting enough to read about.  Some are.   And, some people have a skilled way of writing about them that makes them interesting.  If you can do that, then maybe you can get by just writing about your life in general.   Most people, even professional writers, can’t get by doing that.   There has to be some other reason for a person to want to visit your blog.

It gets back to the basic concept that people want to be either entertained or informed.   Your blog is going to need to either entertain them or inform them about something that they want to be informed about.    And guess what?   There are lots and lots of blogs and other websites out there doing that.

So you have got to find a new twist (a niche) that separates you from them.  Maybe that is your natural charisma.  Maybe it is something weird about you.   Maybe it is the fact that you are building a blog that specializes in a specific topic area that no other websites focus on specifically.   Maybe you took an existing niche and found an even more specific niche within that niche that you can specialize in.   Maybe you are solving a big problem in someone’s life and they are happy to have found your site.

That is what you want to shoot for.  You want to find something that will draw people to your blog and get them to tell each other about you.   That has to be at the core of what your site is about.  It has to provide a real benefit to some type of person.   Without doing that, you will never build much traffic.


You Have To Make Your Blog Look Professional

The blogs that gain popularity quickly are the ones that have a really cool look to them.  Let’s face it, people still judge books by their covers.  You should know this being in this field.   People will form an opinion about your website during the first few seconds the first page loads.   If that opinion is favorable, then there is a good chance they will stick around long enough to see that they like the rest of what your site is about.   If your site looks outdated or looks cheap and barely presentable, then people are not going to want to investigate farther and they certainly won’t want to tell their friends about it.

Google can also tell when a person has a favorable impression of your website.  They can tell based on whether the person returns to the search results and clicks on the next link that was below yours.  If a high percentage of people do that, then Google thinks something about your site/page is low quality and it reduces the amount of traffic it sends you.

It is well worth your effort to browse around long enough to find the right theme for your WordPress blog so that it looks reasonably professional.  If the blog takes off then consider hiring a professional designer to come up with a really nice customized theme that is unlike anyone else’s.


The Content On Your Blog Must Be High Quality

This almost goes without saying.  There are some people who think that you can still just slap up a bunch of ten cent articles on a blog and make that blog profitable.   That is not going to happen unless you are a master black hat spammer or something along that nature.  You would have to trick people into visiting your site somehow.

You are far better off posting less often on your blog if you need to in order to keep the quality really high.   Derek Halpern  chooses that approach and his blog is pretty darn successful.   Quality is a must for sure.


What Factors Affect How Much Money The Website Makes

  • How big the audience is.
  • How desperate or motivated the audience is.
  • How good the offer is that your monetization method presents to the audience.

dollar signObviously you are better off if there is a larger number of people who want whatever benefit your website offers them.   The larger your audience is, the more money you stand to make.

If you have a blog that talks about raising kids in general, then your audience is not going to be terribly motivated when they are visiting your website.  They are going to be there to kind of socialize with you and feel some kind of connection to you because you share similar circumstances.   But, they aren’t going to be overly motivated to go buy something that you recommend to them on your website.  Most of them aren’t going to be in shopping mode when they come to your website.

What if your blog talked about how to help a child that you suspect is dealing with depression?  A parent who is seeking that kind of information is going to be a parent who is pretty desperate.   They are going to be willing to take action right then if the right offer is presented to them.  This is a problem that they will want to solve right now.

What if your blog helped a business owner pick out the best type of accounting software for his small business?   Someone who comes to your blog for that information is not going to be desperate, but they will be motivated.   They are already looking to buy a software program.   They are just undecided about it.  So, if you can get them to the point where they make up their mind, then there is a really good chance they will either buy that software you are affiliated with or else click on an ad to go checkout a deal that some advertiser is making in an ad that showed up on your website.

The type of offer being made to the person has to be an offer that interests that person.   For example, if you had a website that talked about raising kids in general, then an offer that would appeal to that person might be an offer to buy a book about how to raise a future millionaire or how to raise the next president of the United States or how to raise a child that will grow to live a successful and fulfilling life or a book about ten lessons every kid has to learn to survive in a flat world.

The blog that helps people pick out accounting software should have offers for accounting software.  Doesn’t that make sense?   You could get some interest by showing other offers that business owners might be interested in, but the best possible offer you could make would be to offer him a discount on the software he decides would be right for him.

If you show ads using a program like Google Adsense, you want to make sure that it is showing ads that the visitor is actually interested in.   It won’t do that if you have a generic blog that talks about everyday life around your home.  The ads won’t be targeted enough.  The audience won’t be motivated enough or desperate enough to care about whatever the ads say.   They will mostly just ignore them and the blog won’t make any money.   Can you see the difference?


 Always Use A Professional Domain Name

GodaddyIt doesn’t make sense not to use a professional domain name.   You don’t want to use a Web 2.0 free blog because you are trying to build a website that you own that will increase in value.   Why in the world would you want to build up value in a property that you don’t even own.   That would be like fixing up a home that is on the block next to you.   Wouldn’t you be better off making improvements to your own home?

Domain names are cheap.  You can register a domain name for very little on Godaddy.  Use an affiliate coupon link like this one – SAVE 35% On Godaddy Purchases– and you will get it even cheaper.

Try to pick a domain name that suggests what your website is going to be about.  Try to pick a domain name that is also memorable.


Use Good Hosting

HostgatorThere are a number of good hosting companies out there that are ideal for running blogs.  I have tried several of them including Godaddy.  I was not impressed with the way Godaddy handles WordPress websites.  They limit how much control you have over some aspects of your blog.  Their servers limit access to certain things you might want access to.

I recommend using a very reliable company called Hostgator.   I have been using them for years.  They are exceptionally reliable with excellent customer service.  And they are as cheap as you can get without sacrificing quality.  Use a coupon code for your hosting and you will save even more money.



The Best Way To Promote Your Blog

The best and most fundamental way to promote your blog is to first know who the audience is supposed to be for your website.   You need to figure out what type of person wants the benefit that your blog offers them.  Then go find websites where those people already hang out.   Go there and either buy advertising from there or else join that website so you can advertise for free.

For example, if you have a cooking blog, then you should be active on public forums where cooking enthusiasts hang out.   Go introduce yourself to those communities and let them know you own a blog that might interest them.

A lot of people will tell you to focus on promoting your blog using SEO or using Social Media.  Yes you can do that.  I know that is what everyone tells you.    Take it from someone with experience though.  Yes those methods work.  They are both time consuming long term approaches to promoting your website.   The fastest way to generate traffic and interest in your blog is to go find the existing communities where your audience already exists and figure out how to get them to notice your site.

If you keep this approach in mind, you really can’t go wrong.   Keep looking for new communities where your audience already is.  You will find them.  Those are the best places to focus your efforts.


Have You Thought About Everything Mentioned Here?

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