Freelance Writing Jobs For Beginners

When you are first starting out as a freelance writer you don’t have any regular clients giving you repeat business yet.  You probably don’t have a portfolio of work samples yet either.   But you have to start somewhere; right?   Well, here is a list of freelance writing jobs for beginners where you can dip your toe in the water and start gaining experience and start building a portfolio.

You can make money using these channels right away while you work on building up your own private clients.   Working for private clients and/or selling your articles to major media outlets is where you ultimately want to end up if you want to make a lot of money.


List of Websites That Buy Articles or Pay Per Article

The websites listed below are places that will pay you to write for them or subcontract you to write for clients of theirs.   You aren’t going to get rich writing for any of these places, but they can be a steady source of income.

Cloud Crowd – They pay you to complete tasks associated with being a writer.  Those tasks include writing, reviewing, editing and researching.  Some tasks pay as little as one penny or as much as thirty dollars according to their website.


Writer Access Logo – 5 star based rating system for writers.  Content buyers pay more or less based on the star rating they request.  Pay ranges from 2 cents up to one dollar per word.


Break Studios logo – Writers choose assignments from a list of article titles.  Pay rate is unknown at this time.

Yahoo Voices logo – Yahoo purchased  So this is the replacement for that.   Pay rates per assignment are typically anywhere from $2 to $25.


Love To Know logo – This company owns a number of internet properties centered around certain niches.   You have to possess knowledge about one of their niches in order to write for them.  They typically pay anywhere from $15 – $50 per article.


The Content Authority logo – Writers are rated in Tiers according to their skill level.  Your compensation rate depends on your rating.   A typical client of TheContentAuthority pays anywhere from one penny up to five cents per word in their article.   You will be collecting a percentage of what the client pays.


IWriter logo – Writers pay scales are rated as Standard, Premium or Elite.  Then your pay is determined by how long the article is.   Typical writers’ pay would be about $4 for a 700 word article.  Elite writers can earn up to about $15 per article. logo – The website publishes many different topics of which you are sure to find something you know about.  Writers get paid per article up to a limit per month or they get paid based on advertising revenue depending on which one is more. logo – Pay $4 per blog post for you to write your own blog posts about topics related to families.


BlogMutt – This service publishes blog posts for business blogs.  You would be writing those styles of blog posts.  They do not have a pay rate posted, but I assume it is substantially less than $20 per blog post based on the fees they charge their clients.


Constant Content logo – You upload your article to their website and set a price for it.  Then it sits there until someone decides to buy it.  Constant Content takes 35% of the sale price of the article.   Your sales volume won’t be as high at higher prices, but you can sell articles for $30 and higher.


Skyword logo – Company partners with well known brands to provide content for their websites.   Writers can make $50 and upwards per article.


TextBroker logo – Writers get paid by the word anywhere from one penny to five cents depending on the writer’s quality level.


Zerys logo – Similar to Textbroker where writers are paid from one to five cents per word typically.  Writers can get paid more than five cents per word if there is demand for it.


Demand Media logo One of the more well known companies in the writers’ marketplace.  Demand studios became well known mostly due to its property.  Their current pay structure is unknown as is the future of the company.


Inquisitr logo Writers are paid per article or based on page views whichever one is more.  I was unable to get a better idea of actual rates.


Freelance Careers logo  Company pays between $7-$31 per page for your work.


Pure Content logo This is a UK based company with an address in the USA too.  Their base pay starts at approximately $3 for 250 words and goes up.


HireWriters logo – Writers are classified as either Beginner, General, Skilled or Expert.  Your pay is based accordingly.   They offer more tasks than just article writing.  About the most you could make there if you were well established is $20 per article.


Word Gigs logo – They pay for blurbs, mini-posts and short (400 word) articles.  The 350-400 word articles pay $4 each and the shorter ones pay less than that.


Writers Domain logo – Write articles for a marketing company.   Most articles are only 200 words and pay about $3 each.





Revenue Sharing Content Farms/ Content Mills

Most of the content farms died a horrible death with the introduction of the Google Panda algorithm update.   Overnight, the vast majority of those styles of websites were demoted so far down in the Google search results that their traffic disappeared.   Prior to Panda they were making money hand over fist by monetizing traffic from Google.  Some of them are still around, but nowhere near as prominent as the typical content farm used to be. – This website is like a Web 2.0 blog that shares revenue.  You get your own subdomain for all of your blog posts (hub pages).   They monetize the traffic to your pages and share the revenue. – The idea here is to create thorough articles and tutorials that have various monetization features embedded in them such as Amazon affiliate products. – You publish articles on their website.  Your Adsense code shows 60% of the time.  Their Adsense code shows 40% of the time. – They publish your article on the most appropriate website.  You earn 50% of the revenue generated by traffic to your article. – This company pays writers a commission based on the number of page views their articles get.   In general the payout is pretty low according to most writers who have published content here. pays writers 75% commission on advertising revenue generated from traffic to their articles. – Another 50/50 ad revenue sharing website.   This site got mixed reviews on some forums.


Freelance Contractor/Outsourcing Websites:


Are there any good websites missing from our lists?   Let us know so we can add them.

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