Guest Writers and Guest Bloggers Wanted

Guest writers wanted and guest bloggers wanted for our website.

One of the goals with our website is to create a really high value knowledge-base of information about the freelance writing industry.   We want to help new people get into the freelance writing industry and also help experienced freelance writers develop their skills and grow their own businesses more.

Guest Bloggers Welcome

If you have substantial knowledge or experience about writing as a freelancer, we would love to have you contribute to our website and help us make our knowledge-base more valuable.

The core audience for our website is writers who do “article based” freelance work.   Most of our writers sell magazine articles and online magazine blog posts. Some sell to print magazines and others sell strictly online content.   Some work as freelance bloggers.

So the type of information we are interested in is experienced knowledge and advice about how to do those things better and how to make more money doing those things.   Personal advice based on personal experience is always welcome.  We do intend to credit you as the source of the information if you want to be credited.  So you can easily earn links, publicity and a some traffic by helping to upgrade the content on this website.

Feel free to suggest an article topic for the knowledge-base located here.

Feel free to suggest improvements to that page in any way shape or form.   Feel free to suggest article topics that you would like to see written about or article topics you think other freelancers would like to see written about.   Feel free to look through the existing pages that are already published and leave personal comments on any of them or contribute to them or suggest how to improve them in any way.

This is a crowd sourced project and we welcome input from anyone within the freelance writing industry.


To contribute here, just send an email – admin [at]


Guest Blogging Guidelines:

Our main rule of thumb is that any blog posts published here must be very high quality.   That means you should share the best possible information you can.  Be thorough when covering your topic.  Use excellent English grammar.

You may embed as many links into your article as you feel is necessary within reason.   Obviously you will not be allowed to link to low quality sites.   You give up all rights to the article once it is submitted here.   The article becomes the property of this website and may be edited or altered in any way at any time without your notification.   Every article is subject to change over time as new information comes out and as changes occur within the industry.

We only accept unique articles.  They must not have been published anywhere else before.  They must not be published anywhere else again once you have submitted them here.

There is no minimum or maximum length for an article.  Use your discretion.  Just make sure you are covering your topic thoroughly.

Contact us via email with the topic idea for your article before you write it.   We are specifically looking for information and personal advice that would strongly benefit another freelance writer who reads it.

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