How To Get Interviewed By One Of Our Reporters, Journalists or Writers?

professional microphone for interviewWe are constantly on the lookout for industry experts across a huge range of industries that are willing to be interviewed.   Sharing your knowledge and expertise with the world is a great way to promote yourself, promote your business and raise your stature within your industry.

We conduct interviews via email, via recorded telephone conversations and once in a while we use video.  The most common and most preferred way of doing an interview is through a recorded telephone conversation.

We then use those interviews to create high value content for online magazines, news websites, newsletters, books and industry specific authority websites.  The content is created in the form of written articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos and graphics.  We cover a vast range of topics and industries.  By partaking in the interview, you get free publicity whenever we use the information from your interview.  You get mentioned and your website usually gets linked to also.   So this is really a terrific way to advertise yourself and your business for free.

The interviews are conducted in a relaxed manner where we simply ask you to explain the answers to common questions people (or customers) ask you about.    Think of them as laid-back, friendly chats between colleagues.  The interviews are extremely low pressure, casual conversations where you get to show the general public how much you know about your field.

How knowledgeable do you have to be?   Well, if you own your own business, you are a self employed consultant or if you are an author; then you are probably more knowledgeable than you give yourself credit for.    The typical person would probably consider you somewhat of an “expert” and so would we.   You certainly don’t have to have an advanced college degree to be an expert.  All you need is knowledge no matter how you got it or where it came from.

If you have a lot of industry experience or you are otherwise highly knowledgeable about your field and want to volunteer to be interviewed, then follow these instructions.  We will contact you when the opportunity arises to do an interview with you.  We might have an opportunity waiting for you right now.

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