How A Small Business Owner Can Get A Ton of Free Publicity and Generate A Bunch Of New “Best Customers” For Free

businessman with crossed armsYou are missing out on something that other business owners are using to their full advantage.  You are missing out on getting a bunch of free publicity for your business that other companies are getting.

And you may not even realize that there is a certain type of free publicity that creates the type of customers that end up being your new “best customers”.  You know; the kinds of customers who prefer to do business with you instead of anyone else because they think so highly of you and your business.

Yeah, those kinds of customers.  The ones who pay whatever you charge without complaining about the price.   The ones who send you referrals.   The kinds of customers you wish you could deal with every day because your business would be so much more enjoyable to run.

Pay close attention and I will show you exactly how you can get some of these new “ideal customers” for yourself completely free of charge.

You get these new customers by showing the general public how much you know about your particular industry.   You show people that you are an expert in your field.

How do you become an expert?  

If you already know enough about your line of work to run your own business, then you are already an expert my friend.  You couldn’t have gotten this far without knowing more about it than the average person.  You already are an expert.

The difference between you and the other so called “experts” is that those other so called “experts” are volunteering to talk to the media about their industry.   When someone in the media interviews them and publishes an article that mentions them, then that other person is automatically given “expert” status in the eyes of anyone who reads that article.

Think about it.   When you read an article in a magazine and the author of the article mentions that they interviewed a knowledgeable person about something, then that person they interviewed is automatically considered an important industry expert.   It happens automatically regardless of how much specialized knowledge that other person really has.   As long as the guy being interviewed isn’t an idiot, he is going to come across in a really positive light and look like somebody really important and trustworthy.

This is the power of interviews.  It doesn’t matter if it is an interview with a local news station or an international organization in your industry.  It doesn’t matter if it is a beat reporter with a local community paper or the most popular radio talk show host in your area.   They all make you look smart.  They all make you look like a trustworthy expert.

Just imagine how it looks to one of your potential customers when they come across an article or a story somewhere that mentions you and your business and they see that someone interviewed you.   Don’t you think that leaves a really positive impression in their minds?  Of course it does.   It has a very strong psychological effect on the reader.  It positions you in their minds as being among the best in your field just because someone else wanted to interview you.

When a customer comes to you because they saw you mentioned in a story somewhere, they come to you already thinking you are going to be great to do business with.   Because of this positive predisposition, these types of people turn into your best customers.  These are the people who really think highly of you and your business.  They become your best customers who never complain and are willing to pay higher prices to work with you instead of someone else.

So take advantage of every opportunity you come across to get interviewed by the media as long as it is an interview intended to generate positive publicity for you.   I would like to offer you an opportunity to get started.  We are always on the lookout for good industry experts to interview.  We want to get inside your head and help you share your knowledge with the world.   And we will help you do that completely free of charge.  Just sign up for an interview.  When the opportunity presents itself, we will get in contact with you.  There is a good chance we have an opportunity waiting right now.

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