How To Start A Movement Behind Your Small Business

Watch this video courtesy of and Derek Sivers where Derek shows us how a movement starts.   Then we will apply this knowledge to figure out how to start a movement behind your business.

Notice that when things first start out there is just that one lone nut at the top doing his own thing.  That lone nut is you starting your business.

Then along comes the first person to place their trust in you.  The first person is your first customer.  Then from there you start building up momentum.  You get a second customer and a third and a fourth.  Before long you are seeing the effects of compound interest and leverage.   Now you have multiple people bringing in multiple other people and the whole thing snowballs.


That Should Be A Huge Lesson For Someone Just Starting Out Trying To Grow A Tiny Business Into A Much Larger One

Anyone who has built their own business from scratch learns the hard way that it is far more difficult than you think to get those first few people in the door and get your business to start growing its customer base.   Part of the reason for that is we want to think big in terms of marketing and advertising our businesses.  We don’t want to try to get one customer at a time.  We want to bring customers in by the truckload.   We want to run an advertisement and have that one advertisement bring us a hundred new customers. But it doesn’t work like that at first.  Does it?

The real way to start and grow a business is by doing it one customer at a time.  Convince one customer first.  Then that one customer can serve as a testimonial to the world that you are good to work with.  Then go find yourself another one and then another one.

Then you need to get them to start telling everyone else that you know what you are doing and that they should trust you.  You need to get other people out there doing your marketing for you and generating free publicity.  Build up your own tribe of people who are spreading the word about you and your product.   Those people who are out there spreading your gospel for you are the ones who are going to give your business the marketing and advertising leverage it needs to be successful.   You can’t do it without their help.


How Do You Get Other People To Start Talking About You And Spreading The Word About Your Business?

Of course you get your friends and family to help. And of course you want to get your existing customers telling their friends and colleagues about you.  You also want to get word of mouth referrals from other people in your industry who work in your industry but don’t compete against you.   You could get writers, reporters and journalists to start talking about you and mentioning you in articles and on websites in your industry.   Use every resource you can to spread the word.

Start thinking about building your business that way. Start thinking about how you can get other people talking about your business. Make a list of different ways you can do that. It is the best form of advertising out there. And it costs a heck of a lot less than having to pay for every new customer through advertising.

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